Our Probate Service

The death of a loved one is one of life’s most stressful events. Our Fordingbridge based probate team understand that. Having to sort out sometimes complicated financial and administrative affairs at such a difficult time can be really hard.

That’s where our probate service comes in. Very simply, we can deal with as much of the probate process as you wish, either dealing with the entire process, or just providing specialist advice when you need it – and all with the minimum of fuss  both locally in Fordingbridge, Ringwood, the New Forest area and nationwide.

What exactly is Probate?

When someone passes away, their “estate” is the money, property and possessions they leave behind. Probate is the process of collecting together all of those assets, paying any outstanding debts (including funeral costs and inheritance tax) and dividing those assets among the named beneficiaries.

Our highly experienced team deals with probate both locally, and for clients nationwide and those living abroad who have been appointed executors under a Will made in England or Wales.

Will probate be needed?

Not always.

Sometimes, when someone leaves only a relatively small amount of money, or if or property was owned in joint names and passes straight to the survivor (this is not unusual with married couples), then probate might not be necessary.

However if you’re not sure whether probate is required, or you simply don’t know what to do first, why not put your mind at rest and give one of our specialist team a ring.

We offer no strings attached FREE initial phone advice and immediate guidance if required.


Just call one of our specialist this team now on Fordingbridge (01425) 652110, or email us using the contact box below.